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    Company to participate in the development of standards

    更新時間:2015-04-10 10:57:00   |   閱讀:2799次

    In 2012, the national standard setting work of the national standard for organic acid classification of biological fermentation process, the plan number is 20111574-T-469.
    Enterprises to participate in the development of the sodium glucose acid sodium industry standard, the standard July 2013 release, December 1st officially implemented.
    2013 reference to the "food additive - ferrous sulfate" food safety state standard formulation of the drafting work.
    In March 2014, I was also involved in the drafting of the national standard for the new type of biological term for the term of biological fermentation, the good production of organic acids in the fermentation process.

    7917778 , 7917779

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